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Steps to Restore Mac with Disk Utility

Every Mac computers comes with inbuilt Disk Utility to manage and perform disk-related tasks. This effective utility is responsible for the verification and repairing of disk permissions and is also capable to repair damaged headers. Disk Utility in Mac is also used for disk erasing, partitioning and formatting. With the help of this useful utility you can restore Mac with disk image. Although Time Machine offers backup facility in Mac but sometimes there arises a need to store disk image of your Mac hard disk on external drive which can be done using Disk utility. Using this utility you can easily perform the restoration from backup image by importing it into the application from DMG image file.

You can easily restore Mac with Disk Utility by following below mentioned step:

  1. Connect the hard drive which contain the disk image file to your Mac computer
  2. Power ON your Mac system and insert the Mac OS X CD in the CD drive during booting and then hold down the “C” key to select the language
  3. In order to restore Mac with Disk Utility you have to select “Disk Utility” from Utilities menu
  4. You will be shown the list of drives from which you have to select the drive which contains the backup image and then click the “Restore” tab to retrieve
  5. If you want to restore Mac with disk image you have to select the drive in which image .dmg image is stored and then click on image. Immediately after clicking on image it will become active in the “Source” box of Disk Utility
  6. Now click on hard drive in which you want to restore the image and then drag it to the “Destination” window given in Disk Utility
  7. At last click Restore->OK

In this way you can easily restore Mac with Disk Utility. But in case if Disk Utility fails due to any adverse reasons like corrupt disk image, damaged utility, malfunctioning of application etc then you can restore Mac using third-party software. You can use Mac Data Recovery Software to recover Mac data.