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Easily Restore iDisk Files in Mac OS X

Mac OS X v10.3 through v10.6 comes with network drive which is commonly known as iDisk. It is file hosting service offered by Apple which comes integrated with Mac operating systems. it is developed by Apple for MobileMe users with the help of which they can store numerous digital photos, movies, videos and personal files etc online and can access them remotely. Mac OS can cache updates to iDisk while offline and then synchronize the update later on. You can remotely access the files, videos and movies with the help of iDisk drive. Unfortunately, due to some reason iDisk becomes inaccessible and you lose your stored files. In order to restore iDisk file you have to opt for any third-party Mac recovery solutions.

Most of the users have reported that while accessing iDisk drive through Mac OS X, they come across below error message:

The volume for iDisk cannot be found

After getting above error message users try to access the drive through Finder but it fails to appear on the desktop and you unable to open it. You are not even access your personalized drive from iDisk due to this error. Sometimes users try to access other's disk by typing user-name and password but it give rise to another error message as shown below:

Sorry, the operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -50).

Usually, incompatibility issues give rise to above problems. Corrupt file system conflict with the synchronization to the iDisk drive and it becomes inaccessible. In order to restore iDisk files you need to use effective third-party recovery software. You can use Mac Data Recovery Software which is advanced third-party software developed with latest techniques and effective graphical user interface which is very easy to use. With the help of strong scanning algorithm it scan and detect the corrupt files and restore iDisk files to specified location within few minutes.