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Restore Disk Image MacBook Pro to Recover the Lost Data

MacBook Pro is second model of Macintosh portable computers after iMac which has gained much popularity due to its advanced features. Most of the Mac users work on MacBook Pro and much satisfied with its functionalities but data loss can take place at any point of time so users create disk image to provide data protection. But what happens if disk image itself gets damaged and you are unable to restore disk image MacBook Pro. Don't worry there are various procedures using which you can easily recover the corrupted disk image and can get back your lost or deleted data.

Although Macintosh has provided built in backup tool in the form of Time Machine which safely create backup of your data but still users create disk image for the backup purpose. Creating image of data in .dmg format is considered as safest and best way of backup creation as it allows password protection and hence prevent unauthorized access. This file format can be mounted in the finder that can be easily accessed later and it also allows better distribution. But in the case if disk image gets corrupted then you can restore disk image MacBook Pro by following below steps:

  1. Launch Disk Utility tool and repair the disk: Disk Utility->First Aid->Repair Disk
  2. Make a try to convert the .dmg image format into .iso format
  3. Attach image using diutil attach -ignorebadchecksums /Volumes/path/to/image and then hdiutil mount -nomount -readwrite /Volumes/path/to/image

In this way you will be able to mount the disk image but if the process fails and you are unable to restore disk image MacBook Pro then you have to use effective third-party Mac Data Recovery Software. With the help of this reliable software you can easily mount the disk image and can extract your data. The software is capable to perform recovery of lost or deleted data in few simple clicks. With the help of this software you can easily restore deleted files, folders, documents, images, photos, music and any other files stored in your computer.