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Know How to Restart Frozen MacBook and Recover Lost Data

The launch of Apple MacBook has replaced iBook and PowerBook series of notebook which has been widely used by large numbers of people. MacBook is a popular brand of notebook computers which has really superseded all available notebooks. Its enticing features like attractive look, light weight, high speed and great performance has made it one of the largest selling notebook computers. Although Mac computers are known for its performance and you rarely suffer from system crash but at times MacBook users experience freezing issues and unable to restart frozen MacBook.

While working you might have experienced a situation when your MacBook shows strange behavior all of a sudden and you are unable to perform any task. Some of the common symptoms are cited below:

  1. Mouse stops working
  2. Cursor won't move and appears as spinning ball
  3. Keyboard stops responding, you keep typing but nothing appears on screen
  4. You are unable to open any menus

All these symptoms indicates that your notebook computer gets frozen and you have to restart frozen MacBook anyhow in order to accomplish your task successfully. Usually freezing problems appears due to following reasons:

  1. Malfunctioning of application
  2. Hardware failure
  3. Software problems
  4. Incompatibility of firmware update
  5. Virus infections

At times freezing issues leads to data loss situations so in the case if you lost your data then you have to opt for Mac recovery solutions.

How to Restart Frozen MacBook

In order to restart frozen or stuck MacBook you need to follow below mentioned steps:

  1. If possible save work which you have done and force quit the frozen application by pressing Command+Shift+Option+Escape button
  2. Try to restart the computer by pressing Power Key. If you are unable to do this then hod down keys "Command+Control+Power to restart the system

If nothing works then unplug the system and restart it again. In the case if you have lost any data then make use of Mac Data Recovery Software. Using this software you can easily restore lost data of Mac computers.