Recover Trash Mac

Recovers Deleted Mac OS files from Trash without Corruption

Know How to Recover Unsaved Files MAC

MAC is the most advanced operating system which offers various facilities to the users using which you can easily perform your task. You can easily store and access your documents saved in MAC hard drive. But sometimes there comes a situation when you lose your essential data due to your silly mistake and you don’t find any ways of recovery. While working on your MAC system you always need to create Word document. Sometimes it happens that your system shut down abruptly when you were writing on doc. Due to unexpected closure of your system you lose your essential data which you have written on your document and left it unsaved. In such situations you get panic as you don’t find any ways to recover unsaved files MAC.

Most of the MAC users do such kind of mistakes while working. You keep on writing and forget to save the data and in between if sudden power cut takes place or system closes unexpectedly then you lose your essential data. But you need not to worry because you can recover your unsaved files with the help of auto recovery option present in MAC system. You must know that copy of data which has not been saved is still present in MAC partition. So, you can still recover them.

Steps to Recover Unsaved Files MAC

  1. Open Finder Window by pressing “N” key along with the command. Here you will find Device option at the left pane from where you have to select the entire system in order to search the file
  2. Search light is present at the right corner of the Auto Recovery where you will find the list of searched items. From here you can select the file to be recover from “Auto Recovery Save of “ option
  3. Drag the recovered file on the desktop and then save it to the specified location

In this way you can recover unsaved files Mac easily. But if you have lost the files due to system crash, corruption of file system or any other reasons then you have to use any third party software. In such cases you can use MAC Data Recovery software to get back your lost or deleted files.