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Mac Trash Crashes on Empty: What to do?

If you are Mac users you must have used Trash Bin. It is temporary storage folder present in Mac computer which is used to store deleted files, documents, images, photos and any other file types. All those files which are intentionally or unintentionally deleted by you are stored in Trash Bin. It acts as a temporary storage medium and stores your deleted files unless you restore them. So, in case if you accidentally delete any files and want to restore them urgently then you can easily get them back by dragging them with trash folder. You can also delete unwanted files permanently from your system by emptying the Trash bin. But sometimes it happens that Mac trash crashes on empty and neither you are able to empty it nor able to restore any file from Trash Bin.

It has been reported by most of the users that sometimes it happens that after emptying large numbers of files from trash folder again when they try to empty the trash bin the system gets crash and error message appears asking to shut down the system. Not only this, due to such behavior of Mac system users are not even able to restore the files from Trash Bin. Such types of critical situation really makes the users panic as they are unable to restore their important files.

Why Mac Trash Crashes on Empty?

There can be various reasons responsible for this type of problem. Most common reasons are cited below:

  1. Improper installation of operating system
  2. Presence of virus infected files in your system
  3. Malfunctioning of hardware
  4. Incorrect settings of "Empty Trash"

Possible steps to fix the issue

In case you are unable to empty the trash then you can try below steps to forcefully empty the folder.

Open the terminal and enter the following commands

  1. --(user@Macintosh.local) $ cd ~/.Trash
  2. --(user@Macintosh.local) $ rm -rf *

In this way you will be able to empty the trash bin. If Mac trash on empty and you are unable to restore the files then you need to follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Configure the "Empty Trash" settings of your system
  2. Install Anti-virus application on your system
  3. Try to reinstall Mac operating system

After following all these steps even if you are unable to restore the files then you need to use third-party Mac Trash Recovery Software. With the help of this effective software you can easily restore deleted files from the trash bin to the specified location.