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Prohibitory Sign Appears during Startup of MacBook: How to Get Rid of it?

Apple has developed latest range of notebook computers based on MAC operating system. MacBook Pro is most recent model of laptop launched by Apple which is equipped with modern techniques and high-tech features. Despite of having improved functionalities often it suffers from serious problems that make it difficult for you to access your files. MacBook Prohibitory Sign is common problem that are being faced by large numbers of Mac users. It makes your system unbootable as Prohibitory Sign Appears during Startup of MacBook. This error is very much similar to ‘Sad MAC icon’ which appears as dark grey color screen followed by a circle in the middle.

This critical error appears each time when you try to start MacBook. You are unable to boot it due to continuous occurrence of this prohibitory sign. It becomes quite difficult for you to access HFS partitions and often it leads to data loss situations. In such cases only MAC Recovery Solutions will help you to get back your lost data. But if you want to prevent your laptop from critical data loss situations you should try to avoid or fix the Prohibitory Sign Appears during Startup of MacBook.

In order to resolve this issue you should know why MacBook Prohibitory Sign appears and how to resolve it. Actually this type of problem appears when you work in multi-boot environment because in such cases MAC OS are more susceptible to corruption and can give rise to various types of errors and warnings. The major reasons that give rise to prohibitory sign are as follows:

  1. Improper installation of MAC OS
  2. Missing installation file
  3. Malfunctioning of hardware
  4. Improper settings of hardware and software components
  5. Damaged file system structure
  6. Corrupt partitions

Above mentioned situations makes your system unbootable and Prohibitory Sign Appears during Startup. You can temporarily resolve the problem if you start the system in safe mode. In order to get rid of this problem you can follow below cited steps:

  1. Try to reset PRAM i.e. Parallel Random Access Memory by pressing Command+ Hold+P+R button. Hold these button for few minutes until you listen startup sound
  2. Run FSCK command to repair the damaged hard drive
  3. Replace Mach_Kernel file and perform Erase and Installation of MAC OS

After following above mentioned steps MacBook Prohibitory Sign completely disappears and you can easily access your partitions. But Erase and Installation process will remove your hard drive data. So, in order to retrieve your lost data you can use MAC Data Recovery Software. It is effective software that safely restores your lost MAC data even after formatting.