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Steps to Resolve MacBook Gray Screen on Startup Problems

Itís no doubt that MacBook computers offer better results and smooth performance but sometimes you experience strange behavior of your system due to which you are unable to do your task successfully. While working, there comes a time when you encounter with MacBook gray screen on startup due to which your notebook computer unable to start. It has been observed that when you turn on your computer nothing happens and you see a blank gray screen. You also experience such kinds of situation in dual boot. Most of the users have reported that inspite of having other partitions they are able to see single partition while creating dual boot and unable to access the other partitions.

Causes responsible for MacBook Gray Screen on startup problems

  1. Invalid memory address
  2. Malfunctioning of hardware
  3. Operating system errors
  4. Faulty installation
  5. Corrupt or missing installation files
  6. Virus infection

All above mentioned factors are somehow responsible for MacBook gray screen of death. It is really an annoying situation to face such kinds of issues in MacBook as it makes your system unresponsive and at times it also leads to data loss situations. So, you should take effective steps to resolve this problem and prevent your precious data from being lost.

Steps to resolve MacBook gray screen on startup problems

In order to resolve this problem and successfully start your computer you need to follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Try to boot your system with bootable DVD of Mac OS. Perform this task while holding C or D keys
  2. By holding ĎOptioní Key reboot your system
  3. With the help of external FireWire drive boot your MacBook
  4. Attach your system with different MacBook and then restart it in Target Disk mode
  5. Reset NVRAM and boot in safe mode

After following aforesaid steps you will be able to resolve the problems of MacBook gray screen of death and easily start the system. But even if you are getting similar gray screen on startup of MacBook then you have to format your system and perform fresh installation. But after formatting you will lose your entire data. So, in order to retrieve your lost data you have to use third-party Mac Data recovery software with the help of which you can easily restore your deleted data.