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Getting MacBook Error Code 1309 While Transferring Files Between HDD

MacBook is widely used notebook computers which offers reliable performance with much ease and security. Users store their valuable files and documents in the hard disk of system. Most of the time users also transfer the stored files from one system to another or perform the task of transfer between two hard disk drives. Its no doubt that MacBook offers easy accessibility and transferring of files but at times it happens that MacBook error code 1309 appears and you unable to transfer files between HDD.

Most of the time it happens that due to file system incompatibility or hardware problems you are unable to transfer the files from your system to external drive and while transferring files you come across below error message:

"Sorry, the operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code-1309)."

As a result of this error messages you are unable to copy any kind of audio or video files greater than 1 GB to any external drive from your MacBook system.

Causes of MacBook error code 1309

  1. When you try to copy large files
  2. Presence of corrupt preferences
  3. Damaged Mac OS X font file
  4. Improper functioning of operating system
  5. Invalid structure of hard drive data
  6. File name having punctuation mark

In order to fix the error and resolve the issue you need to follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Repair the damaged preference and file system by executing Disk Utility
  2. Check the damaged hardware components and swap them
  3. Rename the file name if they are containing punctuation marks
  4. Improper functioning of operating system
  5. Use compatible hard drive

By following above mentioned steps you will be able to fix MacBook error code 1309 but even if you are unable to transfer the files and getting similar problem again then you need to format the hard drive and restore the data. You can restore the formatted data using available backup but if backup is not available then you can use third-party Mac Data Recovery Software. With the help of this third-party software you can restore the deleted data.