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Mac Segment Loader Error Renders System Unbootable and Causes Data Loss

Like other operating systems, occurrences of error messages are quite common in Mac OS also. Although it is much more advanced and secure than any other available operating system but still users faces numerous error messages while working and suffer from data loss situations. Mac segment loader error is critical error message which when appears in Mac OS X renders system unbootable and results in data loss situations.

Each applications in Mac system are divided into various segments. Whenever users attempt to execute any application first of all the segments are loaded into memory with the help of segment loader which is an essential component of Mac system. These segments are loaded into memory in order to make sufficient space for the available data. But at times it happens that when you start Mac system you come across below error message:

Segment loader doesnt load the segment in the internal RAM

Due to occurrence of above error message your system unable to boot and you also suffer from critical conditions of data loss. Such type of error generally occurs when segment loader fails to perform its routine task and unable to load the segments.

Causes behind the occurrence of Mac segment loader error

  1. Inconsistent file system
  2. Corrupt B-tree structure
  3. Improper upgradation of mac hard drive
  4. Use of obsolete drivers
  5. Malfunctioning of application
  6. Virus infection

Since there can be various reasons responsible for the occurrence of this critical error message so you have to go through each areas which are responsible for the error and then take effective steps to resolve the problem.

Steps to fix Mac segment loader error

  1. If the error appears due to file system inconsistencies or damaged B-tree structure then execute Disk Utility and run FSCK command in single user mode which will definitely resolve the issue. Even if the error persists then reformat the hard disk and restore data using third-party Mac recovery solutions
  2. If problem is due to faulty upgradation of Mac OS then you need to repartition hard disk in such a way that first partition is smaller than 8GB

By following these steps the error will be fixed but in case if you lose your essential data while doing so then you need to use third-party Mac Data Recovery Software. With the help of this effective software you can easily restore the deleted data within few minutes.