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MAC Hard Drive Errors makes Disk Unmountable

Hard drive is an essential component of MAC OS. It is non-volatile storage medium where you can permanently store your data. It keeps your data safe and secure unless it gets damaged because if hard disk gets corrupted due to any adverse causes you might suffer from data loss situations. MAC Hard drive errors pose great threat to the integrity of data because it makes the disk unmountable and you are unable to access your stored data. In such terrible situations MAC recovery solutions becomes the need of an hour in order to regain access on your stored data.

Due to various unavoidable reasons hard drive becomes corrupt and gives rise to various errors while access. In such conditions disk becomes inaccessible and sometimes it also happen that system unable to boot. In order to sort out the problem usually MAC users run Disk Utility tool which is inbuilt tool available to repair the damaged hard drive. Unfortunately, the utility fails to resolve MAC hard drive errors and generates further error messages as mentioned below:

  1. Checking “Mac OS Standard” volume structures
  2. Checking extent B-Tree
  3. Checking wrapper System file
  4. Checking “Mac OS Extended” volume structures
  5. Problem: Mount Check found serious errors
  6. Checking catalog B-Tree
  7. Problem: Overlapped extent allocation, 4, 4430
  8. Checking volume info
  9. Problem: Volume Header needs minor repair, 1, 0

After the occurrence of above error message you try all possible efforts to access your inaccessible data but each time you receive the similar error message. In such dreadful situations you get panic as you don’t find any ways of HFS file recovery. In such cases only MAC data recovery solutions will help you to get back your lost or inaccessible data.

The major cause behind the occurrence of such error messages are as follows:

  1. Overlapped Extent allocation
  2. Bad sectors in disk
  3. Corrupt Volume header
  4. Damaged system file structure
  5. Corrupt metadata
  6. Virus infection

All above factors corrupt the disk and results in MAC hard drive errors. When disk Utility fails to resolve such annoying errors you have only option to format your hard drive and reinstall operating system. In order to restore lost data you can use MAC Data Recovery software. It is effective software which safely retrieves your lost or inaccessible data to the specified location.