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MAC Error Code 39 Causes Data Loss

Now-a-days data loss has become common problems of computer users. Although Apple has launched an advanced operating system in the form of MAC OS but still it is not error-free. It’s no doubt that it is equipped with latest technology and improved features but sometimes due to some adverse reasons it suffers from serious data loss situations. Most of the time MAC users report that they are unable to access their stored data or files due to occurrence of some unknown errors. MAC Error code 39 is uncommon error that makes your file inaccessible after its occurrence.

There are variety of other errors which appears as unknown error and having some cryptic numbers. You can get the required information about the error type by recognizing such cryptic numbers. Occurrence of these numbers is clear indication of system damage or any type of corruption in your file system.

Let’s talk about MAC Error code 39 which makes you frustrated when it appears as you are unable to open any file or application. It flashes as error message

“Unknown Error 39”

“End of file or no additional data in the format”

Generally the error appears due to corruption of file system but there are various other reasons responsible for the occurrence of this error message. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  1. Virus Attack
  2. Abrupt shut down of system
  3. Volume header corruption
  4. Hard drive errors
  5. Sudden Power failure
  6. Human errors

In order to fix MAC error code 39 you can follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Delete the corrupted file permanently from your system by emptying the trash bin
  2. Download the file from the Internet or restore it using backup

While deleting the file sometimes you delete any important file of your system which is of great importance to you. But don’t worry you can easily restore the emptied trash files using trash recovery software. It is effective software that easily restores auto clean trash bin. It supports all versions of MAC operating system.