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Disk Utility Throws MAC Error 9972: Know How to Resolve it

If you are MAC users you must have used Disk Utility Tool. It is inbuilt tool present in MAC based computers which automatically gets installed upon MAC OS installation. This tool is used to handle common corruption problems of MAC system. While working you might have experienced a situation when you face issues of directory corruption, hard drive failures, cache corruption and other issues related to disk permissions. In order to resolve all these problems you usually run Disk Utility tool. This inbuilt utility tool generally check the integrity of your system and fixes common corruption issues of your system but sometimes it fails to do its task due to MAC Error 9972.

It has been observed that most of the Mac users experience errors while running Disk utility to resolve certain errors. Consider a situation when you attempt to run Disk Utility to repair your corrupt files and damaged hard drive but suddenly receive below error message:

“Error Code - 9972”

As a result of MAC Error 9972 repair process gets interrupted in between and Disk Utility fails to repair the drive. Due to this error data becomes inaccessible and in spite of various efforts you are unable to access your data. Like all other utilities disk utility has also certain limitations which can perform the repair process up to certain limit and in case if your file is severely damaged then also the tool fails to perform its task. The error also appears due to damaged Disk utility, improper functioning of tool, faulty installation etc.

In order to resolve MAC Error 9972 and makes your files accessible you need to follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Safely create backup of your hard drive data and unmount the volume
  2. Run FSCK utility in single user mode in order to repair the damaged volume
  3. Even if the error remain unfixed then format hard drive and reinstall MAC OS

After reinstallation you will be able to resolve MAC Error 9972 but you will lose your essential data. In order to restore your lost files you have to opt for MAC recovery solutions. You can use MAC Data Recovery Software to get back your lost files. It is effective software which safely repairs the corrupt files and restores them to specified position.