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Fix MAC Internal File System Error Easily

HFS file system is hierarchical file system developed by Apple Inc. for use in MAC OS based computers. This file system is specially developed for MAC systems which form the basis for other file systems like HFS+, HFSX and HFS Wrapper etc. System using HFS volumes make use of catalog file which keeps record of all directories, files and threads on volume. This file is directory tree which consists of drive directory contents. Under some circumstances directory tree gets damaged due to corrupt file system and give rise to Internal File System error which appears as below.

“-127 fsDSIntErr Internal file system error”

Usually MAC users encounter above error message while working which makes HFS volume unmountable. In such cases you are unable to access your stored data. It might be possible that you suffer from critical situations of data loss. To troubleshoot such conditions and retrieve your lost data you need to use third-party MAC recovery solutions. In general when MAC directory tree gets damaged you receive Internal File System error but the question is how it gets damaged and what to do when the error appears.

Generally directory tree gets damaged due to corrupt HFS file system, improper shut down of system, abrupt power supply, malfunctioning of hardware and virus attack etc. these factors are very much responsible for damaging the directory tree and generating different types of annoying errors. But you should immediately try to fix Internal File System error as it causes severe data loss. You can follow below cited steps to get rid of this problem.

  1. Use inbuilt Disk Utility tool to repair the damaged hard drive and resolve the error
  2. Run FSCK command in single user mode
  3. Reinstall System and Application software
  4. Restore data from current backup

In the case if disk utility fails and you don’t have valid backup then you have better option in the form of MAC Data Recovery Software. It is effective software using which you safely retrieve your lost data without any troubles.