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Know How to Resolve Hard Drive Directory Corruption Issue in MAC OS

Mac operating system is first choice of every computer users as it offers reliable performance and better results. It is known for its reliability, usability, scalability and integrity which are not provided by any other systems. But still it faces the corruption issues which make your data inaccessible and at times results in data loss. Hard drive directory corruption is one of the critical issues faced by Mac users.

Hard drive directory is one of the most important data structures of Mac system. It is the storage house of all vital informations that is required to access the drive. It is the starting position from where operating system searching the files which you have stored in the drive. These directories are further divided into various sub-directories for better accessibility. When directory gets corrupted then you come across various problems and experience peculiar behavior of your Mac system. It might be possible that you receive below error message after hard drive directory corruption.

“No such file or directory”

At times it also happens that your system becomes unbootable and you are unable to create or delete any file folder. It happens because after the corruption OS is not bale to get the required information to properly boot the system and hence system unable to boot. Usually the root directory gets corrupted due to following reasons:

  1. Improper shut down of system
  2. Malfunctioning of operating system
  3. Hard drive crash
  4. Accidental deletion of system files
  5. Damaged file headers
  6. Virus infection

In order to resolve the issue of hard drive directory corruption you need to format the hard drive and reinstall operating system. It will fix all types of errors and properly start your system but it has some shortcoming i.e. you will lose your entire saved data. In order to retrieve your lost informations you need to use MAC Data Recovery Software. It is powerful software which safely restores your lost data to the specified location even after formatting.