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Mac Data Recovery After Hard Disk CRC Error

Hard disk CRC error is one of the common problems faced by numerous Mac users. If you are Mac users and store your important files and folders in hard drive of your system then you might have also performed the task of data transfer between your external hard disk and your system. While transferring data you might have encountered with the situations of CRC error due to which you are unable to transfer the files and often come across data loss situations.

In most of the cases CRC errors occurs due to failure of hard drives. Actually, a technique called CRC is used during data transfer in order to ensure the non-corruption of data while transferring. In case any kind of corruption or damage is detected then then this error is generated. As a result of this error drive face difficulty in reconciling data received with the transmitted. In such conditions you need to perform hard drive recovery using effective Mac recovery solutions.

Causes of hard disk CRC error

  1. Bad sectors in hard disk due to one of more head crash
  2. Excessive heat and condensation
  3. Poor cabling
  4. Corruption of hard disk microprogram
  5. Thin magnetic coating on platters
  6. Firmware issues and PCB defects
  7. Hard drive failure

Due to all these factors incorrect data reconciliation occurs and file gets damaged due to which such kinds of errors appears and you often lose your data. In order to fix hard disk CRC error you need to check file system by executing utilities like FSCK, CHKDSK etc. Execution of Disk Utility might resolve the problem. Even if you are unable to fix the problem and unable to restore the data then you need to use third-party Mac Data Recovery Software. With the help of its advanced scanning techniques you will be able to restore the inaccessible, deleted or missing data to specified location within few clicks.