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Installation of Windows XP SP1 Deleted Mac OS X Partition with Boot Camp

Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard and v10.6 Snow Leopard comes with Boot Camp utility which enables users to easily create partitions in your system so that you can manage your data efficiently. This utility assists Mac users to install Windows Os on Mac based computers. It is no doubt that that this reliable utility offers non-destructive partitions but sometimes it gets corrupts and deleted Mac OS X partition with Boot Camp. There comes a time when repartitioning becomes a major cause of data loss situations in Mac system.

It has been observed that when you attempt to create Windows partition in Mac computers using Boot Camp utility Mac OS partition delete. It generally happens in the case if you tried to install Windows XP SP1 on your Mac system. It is seen that after installation when you view Mac Os partition you find nothing i.e. partition is missing from your system. It happens because Windows XP SP1 doesnít support boot camp and when you try to do the repartitioning it corrupts the partition map and deleted Mac OS X partition with Boot Camp.

Due to some adverse causes partition map gets corrupted and rewrite the table contents with a new volume scheme which resulted in Mac OS partition delete. When you donít find the Mac partitions you usually try to run FSCK or Disk Utility tool to resolve the issue thinking that it might let you to access your data but nothing happens. In such cases you have to recreate the lost partition and restore the lost data using any recovery software then only you will be able to access your data.

In such dreadful situations you can use MAC Data Recovery Software which can safely recover your deleted Mac OS X partition with Boot Camp. This effective software developed with latest techniques and strong algorithm using which it safely restore your lost data.