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Corrupt Disk Permissions Lock Time Machine Volume in Mac OS: How to Access Stored Data

Time Machine is inbuilt backup tool present in Mac operating system which records each operation that you perform in Mac computer. This effective backup utility creates hourly backup of your data and hence offer you options to retrieve them in case of data loss situations. But sometimes corrupt disk permissions lock Time Machine and you are unable to access your backed up data. It is generally seen that your Mac computer automatically starts creating fresh backup immediately after connecting external Time Machine drive to the system. Most of the users have reported that Time Machine volume gets locked due to which data becomes inaccessible.

Usually, corrupt disk permissions lock Time Machine volume in Mac OS and when it gets locked you will see that the icon of Time Machine get replaced by simple volume icon having a small lock. In such conditions volume becomes unmountable and you are not allowed to access the stored data. Sometimes users tries to connect the volume to the newly installed computer but the same problem appears with that system also and you are unable to mount the volume.

Actually what happens, when you upgrade the operating system due to some reasons disk permissions gets damaged and corrupt disk permissions lock Time Machine volume. Generally, permissions gets damaged due to unexpected shut down of system, corrupt file system and virus infections etc.

In order to resolve this problem you are required to run Disk Utility tool which checks disk integrity and repair damaged permissions. Even if you are unable to sole the problem then the only option is to format the drive. But formatting will remove entire data stored in your computer. So, in order to retrieve the lost data you can use Mac Data Recovery Software. With the help of this software you can get back your lost data within few clicks.