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Troubleshoot Bad Master Directory Block Error in MAC

Master Directory Block is an important part of MAC operating system. Every MAC volume is composed of different metadata structures and Master directory Block is one of them. It is data structure of MAC OS that stores complete information about the volumes present in system. Hence, it is also known as Volume Information Block. At the time of initialization of volumes entire informations are stored in MDB and then the File Manager copies those informations into Volume Control Block. So, it is very essential that Master Directory Block should function properly because only then you can easily access your data. But it doesn’t happen always and sometimes Bad Master Directory Block Error occurs in MAC due to Master directory Block corruption.

While working on MAC system most of the users report that they are unable to access their MAC volumes and stored data due to continuous occurrence of below mentioned error messages:

"Bad master directory block"

"Master Directory Block needs minor repair"

The error also appears when you attempt to zap PRAM of your system. The process interrupts in between due to occurrence of this critical error. As a result of this error message your volume becomes inaccessible and it often leads to data loss situations. So, you need to fix Bad Master Directory Block Error immediately. In order to resolve this error at first you should know the reasons which give rise to this problem. Possible causes behind this error are mentioned below:

  1. Master directory Block corruption
  2. Damaged Hard drive
  3. Failure of Startup disk
  4. Improper booting
  5. Virus attack

In order to resolve this error you need to bring the PRAM back to factory settings by pressing keys Command+Option+P+R frour times. In this way you can get rid of Bad Master Directory Block Error. But what about the data which you have lost due to this critical error? In order to restore lost files you can use MAC Data Recovery Software. It is effective software which safely retrieves your lost, missing or inaccessible files to specified location.